Terms and Conditions

The use of terms we, us and / or ours in terms and conditions represents JM Market Insights. We request you to carefully read the terms and conditions, which contains the pertinent information related to the use of services, user rights and obligations. You are legally bound by our terms and conditions, and they may be altered, modified and changed from time to time without intimation.

Payment Terms
All payments shall be made in US dollars unless otherwise specifically mention. Payment is due within thirty (30) days of date of invoice. The payment date deemed to become effective in the prices invoiced, immediately at the time of shipment.

User Terms
JM Market Insights and the providers fully owns the intellectual property rights to all and any of the components of service. It includes but not limited to use of our name, services, art works, study results, reports, user interface elements with respect to our services, customized features for each customer, and all documentation. You are not allowed to adapt, copy, edit, manipulate, modify, resell or reproduce any of the products / services without written permission from JM Market Insights. Notwithstanding the above mentioned term, depends on user license purchased customers may without any explicit consent from us, may anytime exercise the following rights.

  • Allowed to take multiple copies of reports or study in electronic / print version for internal use.
  • Share the copies of study / reports to the subsidiaries, branch companies and group companies.
  • Share the copies of study / reports to the investors, affiliates and similar groups.
  • Allowed to add charts, graphs, illustrations, references and any other relevant outputs as part of the study / report.
  • As business plan, presentations and share these documents with relevant groups and companies.

Following are the criterions that we do not support or promote, thereby we shall not be held liable for all consequences which may also include cancellation of orders.

  • Inappropriate or incomplete requests, poor and unprofessional approach, hate speech and behavior, foul language and misconduct
  • Spamming
  • Phishing / malicious approach
  • Any act that affects the privacy or violate the terms and conditions
  • Breach of intellectual property claims, contract and unlawful use of services

Linked Sites / Third Party Sites
At JM Market Insights, we do not make any representations of other sites, unless otherwise explicitly mentioned, which the user may get access through our site. So, when you get access to any other site through us, you understand and agree that the third party site is independent from us. We do not have control over the site content, product or services on the third party website. We hold no liability about any damages that may likely to arise upon use of the third party link that arise from our site. Any link to any other site from us does not confer any liability or responsibility on us. The use of any such sites, at any times, for its content, reliability and services, does not have any association with us. As a user to our site, we are bound to deliver the services to you as agreed and you bind by our terms and conditions. Any damage or losses, or misinterpretation with respect of use of products and services available at third party website does not confer us any subsequent liability or damage on us. Any concern that arises from these external links, third party links and sites shall be directed to the respective site.

Terms on Warranty
We do not undertake any kind of warranties in any form. Neither we represent anything with warranties nor we undertake warranties, either expressed or implied with respect to content, information, graphics and products found on the website. JM Market Insights may contain links to other websites. The site does not responsible for the external link, neither endorses the advertisement, nor the products or other materials available from the external spices. You understand, agree and acknowledge that the external links are accountable only for the purpose of evaluation of third party goods and services through the site. JM Market Insights is neither directly nor indirectly connected with any third party sites. Also, the site is not responsible for any transaction between you and the third party site. The site is not responsible for the consequences that may arise due to your interpretation of any information available.

JM Market Insights do not provide any warranty with respect to the following:

  • User’s ability to use our services productively
  • Satisfaction with our service
  • Availability of our services uninterruptedly, all the times
  • Services will be free of any errors
  • Errors, mild deviations and bugs in our services will be rectified
  • Accuracy of mathematical calculations and computations

Terms of Service
We at, JM Market Insights either explicitly or impliedly, our affiliates, subsidiaries and sports neither liable nor responsible for direct, indirect, consequential, special, incidental or any other losses or damages that may arise out through relating our services or the way you use our services. At any point, we shall not be liable for any form of damages or losses. If you are not satisfied with our service, at your sole discretion, you may anytime stop using our service. If any part of the terms and conditions may turn out to be invalid, void or no enforceable, the validity, and enforceability of the remaining terms remain unimpaired. Any part of failure from JM Market Insights to exercise any right or execute any service does not confer any rights to waive any right put forth here.

Financial Liability
When you make any financial transaction for any service with respect to banner advertisements, product display, affiliate or any such marketing activity, you shall be providing your payment information. You agree that all the payment information you provide include credit card details, bank details or forms of payment details shall be accurate, current and complete.Besides, unless until made an agreement or written consent regarding any payment terms with respect to promotion of your product or services, JM Market Insights does not hold any responsibility for any financial transaction made.

By using this site, you understand and acknowledge that you are solely responsible for your actions. Under no event or no circumstances, JM Market Insights shall be held responsible for any accidental or third-party damages. If you are unwilling to accept the responsibility as a user of this site, you are cautioned to refrain from using this site under any circumstances. You acknowledge that you have read this agreement and agree to all its terms and conditions.

Return Policy
We follow no-refund policy and no orders shall be cancelled once booked or purchased or dispatched or delivered. Every order involves market research reports, which are confidential in nature.  We are not held liable for refund / return / cancellation of orders and similar consequences if,

  • The reports delivered by us fails to satisfy the customers
  • There are any errors in the reports
  • The report does not meet the expectancy of the customer
  • Customers find any report ineffective or inadequate
  • Customer faces any damage due to inappropriate use or analysis or implementation of reports
  • The reports do not meet the claims
  • The item is insufficient to meet the needs of your business
  • When you don’t receive complete report due to insufficient supply of information

We do not hold any liability and shall not be held liable to refund the money in case if the customers experience any damage to profits, reputation, goodwill, loss of information, loss of program, intangible loss, interruption of business, temporary or permanent cessation of any business, with respect to use of any information, non-availability, or modification of any information.

Acceptance of Terms
By visiting our site JM Market Insights, (hereafter referred as We / Us), viewing, reading, accessing or otherwise using any of the information in any form collected, created, complied, edited or submitted to us, you abide by the following terms. If you opt not to bind by our Terms and Conditions, you deemed not to visit or view or access or otherwise using any information in any form. You understand, agree and acknowledge that these Terms and Conditions is a legal agreement between JM Market Insights and You.

Proprietary Rights
You understand, agree and acknowledge that JM Market Insights may contain all proprietary, confidential and private information including product information, patents, and trademarks covered under copyright acts and intellectual property laws. We are the sole owners of all information. The content and any information, our study data and reports in any form may not be sold, reproduced or distributed without our written consent. The third party logos, patents and trademarks, service marks and product information are the property of the respective owners.

Provision of Services
You understand, agree and acknowledge that we are entitled to modify, alter, delete, add, improve or discontinue any of our services and it is decided best upon our sole discretion. We are not liable to inform you or send prior notice to modify anything with respects to the site even if the site becomes inaccessible or prevent you from gathering relevant information you may need.

Termination of Agreement
The terms and conditions of this agreement is deemed to stay active and continue to apply in perpetuity until terminated, with or without prior notice for any time and for any reason.

Disclaimer of Warranties
You understand, agree and acknowledge that use of the site is entirely at your own risk. We do not confer any expressed or implied of any kind.

Children Disclaimer
The information and any form of content, advertisements, third party links and external resources of the site is provided only for the use of adults. JM Market Insights is a site designed with an intention to serve the adults, aged at least 18 plus years. In case of access by a minor user, the respective user may need parental guidance or supervision. In case if the user below 18 years wishes to become registered member, we may need consent from the parent or authoritative guardian. Also, we may choose to deny the registration process. We does not hold any liability nor be held liable for the damages arising due to inappropriate usage or interpretation of any information accessed by a minor user.

Liability Disclaimer
At no event and at no instance JM Market Insights and any of its subsidiaries, associates and affiliates, if any shall be held liable directly or indirectly. We are not responsible for any direct or indirect or incidental, financial, exemplary and consequential damages. The limitations on liability shall include damages to profits, reputation, goodwill, loss of information, loss of program, intangible loss, interruption of business, temporary or permanent cessation of any business, with respect to use of any information, non-availability, or modification of any information.

Third Party Liability Disclaimer
We may include hyperlinks, banner advertisements and flash presentations to the external source. The links may promote and advertise the respective websites and products. You acknowledge that we are not responsible for any act and subsequent consequences that may arise due to transacting with the third party with respect to using resources, websites and products. We neither expressly nor implied endorse the products and services offered by the respective websites included in the hyperlinks. You understand and expressly deemed to agree all terms and conditions constitute the usage of the site, makes an agreement between JM Market Insights and You. You are deemed to be abiding by the subsequent additions or modifications in the terms and conditions when you access the site for any reason. We do not hold the liability to serve you notice about the changes in the terms and conditions.

Accuracy of Information Disclaimer
We do not offer any kind of warranty on any of the information published on the site. Hence we can make no guarantee on the accuracy of the information or the opinions expressed therein. You understand that the content and wide variety of information we provide here is meant for purpose of expanding knowledge and learning some information. You should not make any final decisions based on any information provided here. Consider what you read here as a resource. Use us as a tool to learn about something, make your own judgment and a self decision. The information provided may be inaccurate or inadequate and therefore requested not to blindly bind by the information provided here.

Confidentiality Disclaimer
JM Market Insights ensures complete privacy of information in regards to the personal data of member’s horoscope, payment information and identities, if any. We only use the relevant information provided by our clients to generate reports and predictions directly to the respective clients.

Email Disclaimer
At JM Market Insights, we do not transfer or sell or manipulate any email information to any individual or entity other than the respective client or member. You can subscribe for periodic newsletters and blogs containing insights. You may also unsubscribe from receiving the newsletters / articles by sending a request.

Product / Service Liability Disclaimer
We JM Market Insights, uses reasonable efforts to provide the accurate and updated information, doesn’t hold any guarantee or representation or deemed to liable regarding accuracy or significance of any element on the study or reports as well as the subsequent details issued on the clients. Neither JM Market Insights, nor our employees, our subsidiaries hold any responsibility for any kind of misinterpretation or use or actions on the result of information. Neither the employees, nor the partners, suppliers, contractors nor agents are liable for any kind of damages or losses that arises directly or indirectly in connection to JM Market Insights, which includes loss of data, loss of income or property, third party claims, damages, etc.

Usage of Services Disclaimer
The services provided by JM Market Insights availed by the clients should not be used as substitutes for the advice or recommendations or professional guidance that a person would normally receive under different circumstances, from any other licensed professional. We are not responsible to meet the demands of any claims that may arise due to negative results or ineffectiveness due to inappropriate or ineffective or inefficient use of our services.

Copyright Disclaimer
All images, content, flash images, videos, etc are the property of JM Market Insights, which includes the theme, look and feel of the website. The whole website is under copyright and no single element in the website may be reused in any way without a valid permission from us.

Terms of Sale
We request our patrons to read the Terms and Conditions carefully as they access our services from JM Market Insights When you buy any of our products / services listed in the site, it shall be deemed that you, as a visitor, as a member or as a user agree to all the terms and conditions provided herein.

We, JM Market Insights are the sole owners of all the materials of the site. You represent as our client or a visitor, not a part of our entity. You agree not to reuse or sell or involve in any commercial activity using the products purchased from us until you are registered with us as a reseller and your every single purchase / transaction meet the minimum quantity prescribed in the website. Unless otherwise explicitly mentioned, all orders and services delivered to the customer through email and upon receipt of payment transfer the rights of ownership of the services delivered.

Cancellation of Orders
We has the right to refuse to cancel the request of the client order or refuse to accept the order, with respect to specific services at our own discretion. We abide by the law and any orders from clients that is likely to breach the provision of law, appears unethical, offensive or likely to damage the public interest, shall not be entertained. We ensure that we take all essential steps to deliver you comprehensive report. We also ensure that any intellectual property right that arises out of the reports prepared by the personnel will remain the intellectual property rights of JM Market Insights and no such personnel can claim the title of the same.

No person under the age of 18 years may use / browse the site or seek our services intended for any purpose, without adult supervision, parent or legal guardian. The user of the site is deemed by at least 18 years of age or older. We require that all the transactions and purchase made by the user with either be i) made by an adult aged at least 18 plus years or ii) made by a minor below 18 years but with supervision of the parent or legal guardian.

Unauthorized / Illegal Usage
You acknowledge and agree that the content, software, images, videos, graphics and all other materials including the sponsored advertisements, presented to the visitors or users of JM Market Insights is protected by trademarks, copyrights, service marks and other proprietary laws. You are not allowed to copy or reuse or redistribute or plagiarize the derivate works from us unless authorized by us, our suppliers and advertisers. Any dispute arising shall be settled under the commercial arbitration rules under the respective jurisdiction.

Terms on Pricing
Pricing terms shall be discussed and shared to the respective customers, and these are subject to change periodically. It is applicable to all end-customers.
All service requests for research study are acknowledged only after acceptance of the pricing. We will bill at price in effect at the time of shipping the report.

Delivery of Reports
Please note that reports that are purchased are delivered in three business days after the date of payment. This does not include purchases made on any public holidays or weekends, wherein delivery shall be completed on next working days. We deliver the report to the respective buyer’s Email ID. There are few exceptions where the delivery of the report will be delayed by four to five business days. You will be informed about the delay and scheduled delivery of the reports. Our services are extended as ‘as available’ basis. JM Market Insights shall not be responsible for delivery of the reports and non-availability of the website which may arise due to external factors like failure from hosting, ISP failure, network problems, power failure, web site maintenance and failure due to natural calamities and any other issues.

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